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Wiawso College of Education


The account department ensures that proper books are kept. Receipts and payment cashbooks are prepared for all the four bank accounts. The cashbooks are prepared to differentiate between internally Generated funds and Government of Ghana funds. Bank Reconciliation is done at the close of every month for acceptability of the cashbook accounts and the bank accounts. The accounts department ensures that all tax obligations are paid at the close of each month. From the cashbooks, the accounts are transferred to the ledgers before the financial statement for the year is prepared. The accounts department also prepares budget yearly for management and all stakeholders.

The accounts department makes available all their books for Auditing and answers all queries and management letters with the aid of the college management.The accounts department ensures that all accounting laws and regulations including that of procurement are adhered to. The department obeys all the internal control systems to safeguard the resources of the college. Another crucial aspect of the department is to collects debts and also to pay creditors. The accounts department also has an over sight responsibilities over the kitchen and the stores. The Ghana Intergraded Financial management information system and the QuickBooks are mandatory by law and are now being incorporated into the work of the accounts department. In essence, the accounts department works to ensure value for money, cash management and the judicious use of Government money. Finally, the department ensures that money is always available to run the college. Below are the work schedules for each person.


Mr. Daniel Ekwam-Mensah (Head of Accounts)

James Kobina Tawiah (Assistant Accountant)

Theresah Strongbow (Principal Accountant)

Frank Yeboah (Senior Account Assistant)