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Wiawso College of Education

Supported Teaching In Schools

The Supported Teaching in School Unit in the college is managed by a coordinator who works in collaboration with a committee, partner schools and some key stakeholders. Ghana’s education landscape has been experiencing a set of ambitious and wide- ranging reforms including teacher education reforms which are designed to ensure that the country’s classrooms are staffed with skilled, trained and motivated teachers.

A key pillar of the teacher education reform is the shift from a Diploma in Basic Education to a 4- year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Degree in Education. The curriculum for the 4- year Basic Education Degree provides Ghana’s teachers with a range of practical competencies, skills, knowledge and values to deliver high quality education. To achieve the above goals, the unit has reached out to area schools to form partnerships with the dual purpose of meeting individual needs of the various schools as well as providing Wiawso College of Education with sites to do practicum, internships, and student teaching.

Activities of the STS Units

The STS Unit of the college undertakes the following activities:

  • Scout and select partner schools in collaboration with the MMDEs
  • Train Lead mentors and mentors to prepare them adequately for mentoring our students and also assess them.
  • Train Tutors and Link tutors to be able to give the needed support to our student teachers (Mentees) during their internship period and also ensure their assessment during the supported teaching periods.
  • Allocate student teachers to partner schools in collaboration with the MMDEs.
  • Organise training to orient student teachers on the use of the supported teaching materials such as handbooks and the Students Reflective Journal (SRJ).
  • Organise training to orient MMDEs, Circuit Supervisors and other Educational Officers to be able to support the student teachers
  • Liaise with SMC/ PTAs to look for suitable accommodation for student teachers, especially females.Advise on the management of Supported teaching finances and budget.


The Committee which is having the oversight responsibility of supported teaching activities consists of the following:

  • Vice Principal- Chair person
  • Supported Teaching Coordinator (STC)
  • Action Research Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • SRC Representative
  • Assessment/ Examination Officer
  • Guidance and Counseling Coordinator
  • Gender Focal Person
  • College Secretary/ Registrar- Secretary
  • Heads of Departments (HODs)