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Wiawso College of Education

Principal's Welcome Address
I am delighted to welcome you to the Wiawso College of Education (WATICO) at Sefwi Wiawso, Western North regional capital. To those students who come from other parts of Ghana, I would also like to welcome you to Sefwi Wiawso and its environs. At the College, we are extremely proud of our alumni reputation for teaching sincerely because of our slogan: Legon of the West. We are also extremely proud of the unique atmosphere on campus and we know it will make your time at WATICO a special and highly memorable experience.

Your years at the College are very important. While you are here, we encourage you to strike a healthy balance between your academic activities and your enjoyment of the rich sporting and cultural opportunities in the College. Our goal is to educate you to be safe Teachers as a whole and we recognise that some of the important lessons you will learn will take place outside the lecture theatre, the laboratory, and the library. We aim to give you the opportunity to spread your wings within a safe and exciting environment. At the end of your studies you will leave this College with not only a world-class qualification, but also friends that you will cherish forever.

We are in abnormal times because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. These are new normal and we are doing things differently. We should try as much as possible to strictly abide by the protocols of the Covid-19 pandemic for safe life on campus. Management would ensure that the appropriate personal protective equipment are provided to ensure safety, protected life and reduce the threat of the pandemic. Each member of the WATICO community must endeavour to follow the Covid-19 pandemic protocols religiously.

We are pleased to see continuing students back to campus. You are important, and integral members of the WATICO community and it is nice to have you back.

For the successful fresh students, you are sincerely welcome to a new ambience in your life. Over the 2020, the administration has been planning for your arrival and creatively addressing how we deliver both educational and co-curricular programming. One thing has been guiding everything we do – the concern for the health and safety of our students, staff, and all residents of the College community. COVID-19 has turned our world upside down but so far Ghana and, in particular, the City of Sefwi Wiawso have managed to keep this virus under control.

This has taken concerted effort on the part of many including the government, staff, hospitals, and the police. We need your help to continue to keep this virus at bay. Outbreaks within our student population will be disastrous, not only for us but for many others. We do not want to see the College forced to close its doors and students leaving Sefwi Wiawso as we saw in March, 2020. We all have a role to play-students & staff.

Please familiarize yourself with the College rules, SRC constitution and other related by-laws as they will be enforced and penalties for failing to abide by them will be utilized. We cannot afford to let indiscipline get the upper hand. A great deal of relevant information is available on our website, both digitally and hard copy, which contains important information about safe practices and community expectations with regard to caution

We want this year at WATICO to be a positive one for all and, most importantly, for you to stay safe and well. We will continue to provide information, guidance and resources for students. Best of luck with your studies, and I am certain that your time at the Wiawso College of Education will be enjoyable and fruitful.